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A Short Story

Rewrite "Here on Earth" as a short story.


Is there a Jenkintown in Massachusetts? Looking at a state map and with information about the proximity to Boston, decide where Jenkintown would most likely be located.

The Marshes

Make a diorama of the marshes based on the descriptions in the book.

Red Foxes

Research red foxes. Are they endangered? What relationship do they have with rabbits?

Folk Tales

Can you find a folk tale about foxes, hares, or a combination of the two?

Dear Diary

Write a diary entry as a young March who has just met Hollis. What would she say?

The Year is...

Nowhere in "Here on Earth" is the year stated nor are any famous events mentioned. What year would you think is the time period for the book? Look at the copyright and see how close you are.

Here on Earth Starring?

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