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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the possible symbolism of the foxes and the rabbits.

Essay Topic 2

March's older brother, Alan, has an adversarial relationship with Hollis as soon as Hollis arrives. Explain why. Based on the second chapter only, what do you predict will happen to Alan and Hollis when they become men?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Hollis and Hank's relationship and whether it's a beneficial relationship for both.

Essay Topic 4

The reader meets Susanna Justice in Chapter 4. As adults, both Susie and March are friends, yet from March's viewpoint, Susie has always been cryptic. This calls attention to her response of, "she was something, all right" when March talks about how great Judith Dale was. What might Susie have meant by her statement?

Essay Topic 5

Discuss Gwen's getting ill and having to leave the service before it ends. The author makes it clear that Gwen's reaction isn't normal for her...

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