Here Is New York Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is this book about?

E. B. White's book, "Here is New York", gives a detailed description of parts of New York and the difference between the New York of 1948 and the New York that White first visited when he was a young man starting out writing.

2. Why did White first move to New York?

White first moved to New York as a young man to start his writing career.

3. How does White seem to feel about New York in his description?

While White is quick to describe many parts of New York that he doesn't approve of, he has a clear place for New York in his heart and stands by the city to defend it.

4. Who wrote the introduction to this book?

The introduction to E. B. White's "Here is New York" was written by Roger Angell, who was White's stepson.

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