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Roland Bainton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often does Luther pray?
(a) every hour on the hour
(b) night and day
(c) seven times daily
(d) three times daily

2. What is the first point of the Cum Postquam?
(a) Indulgences apply only to penalty and not to guilt.
(b) Indulgences relate to mercy.
(c) Indulgences are one of the Keys to the Kingdom.
(d) Indulgences are equal to Hebrew animal sacrifices.

3. What is Hans Luther's occupation?
(a) He butchers sheep and pigs.
(b) He works in the mines and owns six foundries.
(c) He is a teacher.
(d) He is a green grocer.

4. Under what condition is Luther admitted into the monastery?
(a) one year's probation
(b) a large payment from his father
(c) wearing only street clothes
(d) working as the monastery cook

5. What is the purpose of confession?
(a) to offer a chance to buy indulgences
(b) to get things off ones chest
(c) to keep people from becoming too proud
(d) to admit all wrongdoing and seek absolution

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luther deny in the debate?

2. What realization does Luther come to in Wittenberg?

3. What makes Luther an international figure?

4. When are the debate notes to be published?

5. What doctrine does the church maintain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the objection to Luther's views on the mass?

2. Characterize the work called The Babylonian Captivity.

3. What is the legal argument Luther makes against the legality of his case?

4. How does Luther attempt to use the confessional?

5. How does Luther's disagreement with the church begin with the selling of indulgences on the Day of all Saints?

6. How does Eck raise the question of tradition and how does Luther respond?

7. What is Luther's response to the bull Exsurge Domine?

8. What describes the stressful nature of Luther's relationship with his father?

9. What is the initial result of Luther's attacks on the practice of selling indulgences?

10. What are the divergent attitudes toward Luther during his lifetime?

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