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Roland Bainton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is often characteristic of Luther's emotional stability?
(a) mood swings
(b) dogged determination
(c) insecurity
(d) lacking self-confidence

2. What are the criteria Luther upholds for identifying a true sacrament?
(a) the number of years it has been ovserved
(b) ordained by the Apostle Paul
(c) directly instituted by Christ and distinctively Christian
(d) the wishes of the people

3. Why is the issuance of indulgences popular with the Pope?
(a) It ispires the people.
(b) It is easy to do.
(c) It establishes his power.
(d) It is lucrative for the church.

4. How does Luther describe the idea that the Pope can deliver souls from purgatory?
(a) as Divine law
(b) as an undisputed truth
(c) as found in the writings of Paul
(d) as audacious

5. In what area does Luther distinguish himself at the university?
(a) as a student advocate
(b) as a defender of the Catholic church
(c) as a parochial preacher
(d) as a lecturer on the Apostle Paul

Short Answer Questions

1. Finally, what authority does the Cum Postquam bestow upon the Pope?

2. For whom are Luther's ninety-five theses intended?

3. Where does Luther believe the answers for living a Christian life can be found?

4. What is the purpose of confession?

5. How does Luther view confession?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe briefly how Eck and Luther argue back and forth about papal infallibility.

2. Describe Luther's busy life in Wittenberg.

3. List the major works of Luther while awaiting trial.

4. How does Luther's disagreement with the church begin with the selling of indulgences on the Day of all Saints?

5. What is the official church position on heresy?

6. What are the divergent attitudes toward Luther during his lifetime?

7. What is the central idea of the Renaissance?

8. What evidence is Luther confronted with at his hearing before King Charles?

9. How does Eck raise the question of tradition and how does Luther respond?

10. Where is Luther's first assignment outside of the cloister?

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