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Roland Bainton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here I Stand.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the church, according to Bainton, readily admit today?
(a) that the indulgence priviliedge was often given too incorrectly
(b) that the indulgence traffic saved the church from ruin
(c) that the indulgence traffic was a scam
(d) that indulgences are correct but given too freely during Luther's time

2. Besides himself, what does Luther begin to question?
(a) the lives of the people
(b) the traditions of the Church
(c) the Pope and the Catholic Church
(d) the truth of the Bible

3. What does Luther conclude that salvation cannot rest upon?
(a) on the dictates of the Pope
(b) on rituals of the church
(c) on false hope offered by the Devil
(d) on human achievement

4. What does Luther say about his first year of monastic life?
(a) The work was easy.
(b) The Devil is very quiet.
(c) The food was not enough.
(d) The cold was very difficult.

5. Second in the Cum Postquam, what does it say indulgences apply to?
(a) only to the worst of sinners
(b) only the life after death
(c) the temporal penalties of earth and purgatory
(d) the authority of the Pope

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luther contend makes a sacrament useless?

2. Who is the first to make available in print the New Testament in the original Greek?

3. What is happening at the same time as the Renaissance?

4. What does Luther see as man's greatest need?

5. What is often characteristic of Luther's emotional stability?

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