Here I Stand: a Life of Martin Luther Multiple Choice Test Questions

Roland Bainton
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The Vow

1. What unusual thing happens to Martin Luther in 1505?
(a) He recovers his sight.
(b) He has a vision of St. Anne.
(c) He is struck by lightning.
(d) He inherits a fortune.

2. After surviving, what does Luther vow to do?
(a) give all his money to the church
(b) join a monastery
(c) say a novena
(d) do a pilgrimage to Jerusalem

3. Which congregation does Luther choose to join?
(a) the Masons
(b) the Benedictines
(c) the Augustinians
(d) the Jesuits

4. What is it that Luther seeks in the monastery?
(a) choir lessons
(b) monetary suppert
(c) strict discipline
(d) good libraries

5. Which of Luther's family members greatly opposed his joining the monastery?
(a) his father, Hans
(b) his wealthy uncle
(c) his mother, Margaretta
(d) his younger brother

6. What is often characteristic of Luther's emotional stability?
(a) dogged determination
(b) insecurity
(c) mood swings
(d) lacking self-confidence

7. What is Luther's family's social status?
(a) aristocrats
(b) middle class
(c) courtiers
(d) peasants

8. What is Hans Luther's occupation?
(a) He is a teacher.
(b) He butchers sheep and pigs.
(c) He is a green grocer.
(d) He works in the mines and owns six foundries.

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