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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Llewelyn in Chapter 4 that Gruffydd has taken up arms against Wales, Llewelyn in particular?

2. What does Llewelyn tell Morgan must happen in Wales before their can be peace in Chapter 27?

3. How does King John humiliate Llewelyn at the ceremony in which he accepts Llewelyn's surrender?

4. How does King Henry attempt to lure the allegiance of Powys away from Llewelyn in Chapter 6?

5. What desertion causes Llewelyn's armies to fall before King John in Chapter 27?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does King John accuse Llewelyn of when they meet in Chapter 38?

2. What cruelty on her father's part does Joanna learn in Chapter 31 that forces her to acknowledge that her father is not the kind man she always thought he was?

3. Who comes to live with Joanna and Llewelyn at Aber, showing a devotion Joanna feels is her punishment for all her sins?

4. What does Gruffydd tell Davydd in Chapter 37 that reveals Gruffydd's continuing unhappiness with Llewelyn's marriage to Joana?

5. Why does Llewelyn decide to go against Welsh law and embrace the laws of the Church when it comes to the laws of inheritance?

6. Why does King Henry ask the Pope to declare Joanna a legitimate child of King John? How does the Pope do this?

7. Why does Joanna confront her brother Richard after leaving Lleweyn in Chapter 32?

8. Why does Llewelyn refuse to accept any of Joanna's letters?

9. Why does Isabelle remarry? How does King Henry respond to Isabelle's choices?

10. What punishment does the Pope level on King Philip of France for his continued fight against King John?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Isabelle of Angoumele? Why does John decide to marry Isabelle? What does John think of Isabelle when he first meets her? How old is Isabelle at this first meeting? How long does John court Isabelle before they are married? What does Joanna think of Isabelle upon her father's marriage? What advice does Isabelle give to Joanna when she learns that Joanna is to be married?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss two of the following themes in detail:

1) Inheritance

2) Arranged marriages

3) Parent-child relationships.

Essay Topic 3

With whom does Joanna have an affair at the end of the novel? Why did Joanna indulge in this affair? How did Joanna feel about her lover? When did this affair end? Why did this lover not take no for an answer after Joanna ended the affair? Who catches Joanna alone with her lover? Who sent this person a message suggesting Joanna was ill? What is the result of this person finding Joanna alone with her naked lover?

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