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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Aber?

2. What has happened in the relationship between King John and William de Braose, his old friend?

3. Who is Stephen de Hodnet?

4. Who is openly hostile to Joanna upon her arrival in Wales?

5. Who announces that King John murdered Arthur in cold blood in front of her entire family and King John's guards?

Short Essay Questions

1. What law forces Llewelyn's mother, Marared, to allow her son to remain in Wales and reclaim his father's lands?

2. What happens to Llewelyn after he begins the trip back to Caus Castle from Shrewsbury?

3. What are the Welsh laws of inheritance and how do these laws impact Gruffydd's acceptance of Joanna's first child?

4. In the six or seven years that Llewleyn has been back in Wales, what territories has he managed to capture? Why?

5. What does Henry Plantagenet tell John that causes him to decide to join Richard in his fight for the crown rather than to remain at his father's side?

6. Who is Eleanor of Aquitaine and why does she come to visit John after the death of King Henry?

7. Why does Joanna return to Aber two weeks sooner than planned in Chapter 20?

8. What conflict does the death of Henry Planatenet's heir cause?

9. What advice does Morgan, Llewelyn's priest and adviser, give Llewelyn after his encounter with Walter de Hodnet?

10. For what reason has Llewelyn ab Iowerth come to live in Shropshire? From where has he come? How does he feel about this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Llewelyn? Why is he living in England when the novel begins? How does he feel about this situation? Why? How does Llewelyn respond to the attack by an English bully? Why is Llewelyn ashamed of his response to this attack? What does Llewelyn's mother hope the future will hold for him? What does Llewelyn want for his future? How does Llewelyn break free of his mother's expectations?

Essay Topic 2

With whom does Joanna have an affair at the end of the novel? Why did Joanna indulge in this affair? How did Joanna feel about her lover? When did this affair end? Why did this lover not take no for an answer after Joanna ended the affair? Who catches Joanna alone with her lover? Who sent this person a message suggesting Joanna was ill? What is the result of this person finding Joanna alone with her naked lover?

Essay Topic 3

Why is Joanna exiled to Llewelyn's seaside castle? What could happen to Joanna due to her infidelity? How is this different from what happened to Llewelyn when he was caught being unfaithful? Why is there a double standard? What is Joanna's biggest fear during this time? What does Joanna do to contact Llewelyn during this time? Do her efforts pan out? Why does Llewelyn come to see Joanna? How does Llewelyn's actions reveal his feelings for Joanna? What is unusual about Llewelyn's ultimate decision where Joanna is concerned?

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