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Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does young Joanna hope to get for her fifth birthday in Chapter 7?

2. How much sooner than expected does Joanna arrive home to Wales after her trip?

3. What is similar in Ingeborg's story to the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine?

4. Who built Dolwyddelan Castle?

5. Who is Ingeborg?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Maude de Braose say in Chapter 23 that causes the destruction of her family?

2. For what reason has Llewelyn ab Iowerth come to live in Shropshire? From where has he come? How does he feel about this?

3. What happens to Llewelyn after he begins the trip back to Caus Castle from Shrewsbury?

4. Why does John continuously scheme against his brother Richard? Why does Eleanor of Aquitaine discourage this?

5. What does Henry Plantagenet tell John that causes him to decide to join Richard in his fight for the crown rather than to remain at his father's side?

6. What gift does Joanna want to give to Llewelyn that she cannot wait until morning to deliver?

7. Who does Llewelyn offer sanctuary to in Chapter 26?

8. What advice does Morgan, Llewelyn's priest and adviser, give Llewelyn after his encounter with Walter de Hodnet?

9. In Chapter 20, what right Welsh law does Joanna have that Llewelyn explains to her after she discovers his infidelity?

10. Who is Stephen de Hodnet and why has he come to Llewelyn?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define the following and list examples from the novel:

1) Metaphor

2) Symbolism

3) Objects

4) Character Motivation.

Essay Topic 2

Who is Llewelyn? Why is he living in England when the novel begins? How does he feel about this situation? Why? How does Llewelyn respond to the attack by an English bully? Why is Llewelyn ashamed of his response to this attack? What does Llewelyn's mother hope the future will hold for him? What does Llewelyn want for his future? How does Llewelyn break free of his mother's expectations?

Essay Topic 3

Who is King Richard? Why does John attempt to pay a higher ransom in order to keep Richard a captive of a foreign country? What is the fallout of this decision? How does Richard die? Who tells the world that John was named Richard's heir upon Richard's death? Who contests John's ascension to the throne? In what way does this person contest John's ascension to the throne?

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