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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Stephen Langton?
(a) The new Bishop of Norwich.
(b) The new Pope.
(c) King John's choice for Archbishop of Canterbury.
(d) The Pope's choice for Archbishop of Canterbury.

2. How much money does King John ask his old friend to pay to settle old debts in Chapter 23?
(a) Eight hundred marks.
(b) Fifteen hundred marks.
(c) One thousand marks.
(d) Five hundred marks.

3. What is in the message that Aubrey de Mara carries in Wales in Chapter 9?
(a) The news of Llewelyn's defeat at Mold.
(b) The news of William de Braose's death.
(c) The news of Richard's death.
(d) The news of the birth of Llewelyn's son.

4. Why does Joanna's new husband decide not to take his marital rights on their wedding night?
(a) Joanna is too frightened of him.
(b) Joanna is tired.
(c) Joanna is unattractive to him.
(d) Joanna is too young.

5. Who is Thomas Corbet?
(a) Llewelyn's cousin by marriage.
(b) Llewelyn's uncle by marriage.
(c) Llewelyn's stepfather.
(d) Llewelyn's childhood friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the traditional name of Wales?

2. Who brings an army toward Eleanor's whereabouts in order to take her captive in a fight against King John?

3. With whom has Richard teamed to fight his father for his lands and titles?

4. Why does Joanna's new husband cut himself and bleed on their sheets during the night?

5. Who is Will Longsword?

Short Essay Questions

1. For what reason has Llewelyn ab Iowerth come to live in Shropshire? From where has he come? How does he feel about this?

2. What is significant about the pledge of loyalty the Princes of Wales make to Llewelyn after a ceremony intended for the Princes of Wales to pledge allegiance to King John?

3. What has Henry Plantagenet not done that has caused conflict between him and his remaining sons?

4. Why does John convince the Count of Angouleme to allow him to marry his daughter, Isabelle?

5. Why has King John had a falling out with William de Braose in Chapter 22?

6. In Chapter 20, what right Welsh law does Joanna have that Llewelyn explains to her after she discovers his infidelity?

7. What is Eleanor's relationship like with King John in the final years of her life? How does she die?

8. Who is kidnapped by the Austrians? Why does John attempted to pay the Austrians to keep this person a full year?

9. In Chapter 5, who does Llewelyn capture in Wales?

10. What conflict does King John find himself embroiled in with the Pope in Chapter 19?

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