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1. For what reason has Llewelyn ab Iowerth come to live in Shropshire? From where has he come? How does he feel about this?

Llewelyn was born in Wales, the son of a Welsh Prince. However, upon his father's death, Llewelyn's mother married an English nobleman, forcing Llewelyn to move to Shropshire with his new stepfather and mother. Llewelyn is unhappy about this change in residence and continues to feel a strong allegiance to the country of his birth.

2. What happens to Llewelyn after he begins the trip back to Caus Castle from Shrewsbury?

Llewelyn is traveling alone back to his stepfather's castle, Caus Castle, when he runs into Stephen de Hodnet. As Llewelyn and Stephen get to know each other, Stephen's brother, Walter joins them. Walter is a bull who threatens to break Llewelyn's arm if he does not disparage his own countrymen, leaving Llewelyn humiliated and feeling as though he has betrayed Wales and his countrymen.

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