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Joanna's Letter to John

This item is received by a ruler just in time to save the life of a Welsh child.


This is paid to a foreign government on behalf of the English King, leading to a rift between two brothers.

Llewelyn's Bedchamber at Aber

This is where a wife finds her husband with another woman after returning early from a trip to England.

Runnymede Charter

This document establishes the people's rights against the King of England and frees a Welsh son from his years of captivity by the English King.

Welsh Inheritance Laws

These state that all sons inherit equally no matter what their circumstance of birth might be.


This is a small hut in which Welsh peasants live.


This is the castle in which Llewelyn lives with his wife, Joanna, and all his children.


This is a castle in Gwynedd that...

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