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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and Book One, Chapters 1-2)


Prologue and Book One, Chapters 1-2

Henry Plantagenet, the King of England, has eight children, four of whom are sons. Three out of Henry's four sons have taken up positions against him. Discuss character relationships and power.


1) Class Discussion: Henry Plantagenet is in a power struggle with several of his sons because he has refused to name an heir after the death of his eldest son. John Henry's favorite child, has chosen to remain at his father's side. Discuss with students the setting of this novel. Discuss the political climate of England at the time and do some background on the monarchy at the time the novel is set. Discuss the laws of inheritance and why this would lead to a fight between Henry and his sons.

2) Foreshadowing: Define foreshadowing. Discuss with students the opening passage of this book, including the description not only of...

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