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Essay Topic 1

Who is Joanna? What is significant about her birth? Why does Joanna's mother commit suicide? Why is Joanna sent to live with her father? How does Joanna's father respond to meeting his daughter for the first time? How does Joanna feel about her father? How does Joanna respond to meeting her stepmother for the first time? Why? What does this suggest about Joanna's future?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Llewelyn? Why is he living in England when the novel begins? How does he feel about this situation? Why? How does Llewelyn respond to the attack by an English bully? Why is Llewelyn ashamed of his response to this attack? What does Llewelyn's mother hope the future will hold for him? What does Llewelyn want for his future? How does Llewelyn break free of his mother's expectations?

Essay Topic 3

Define the following and list examples from the novel...

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