Here Be Dragons Character Descriptions

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Joanna, Princess of Wales

This character is the illegitimate child of a king who is married to a Welsh person in order to forge a treaty between the two countries. This character is forced to choose between loyalties to the father or the spouse.

Llewelyn ab Iowerth, Prince of Gwenydd

This character is Welsh, but spent part of his/her childhood in England only to return to Wales to reclaim what this character sees as his/her rightful heritage.

John, King of England

This character is a selfish, unkind person who picks loyalties based on how those loyalties can help this character be successful. This character becomes an oft betrayed ruler who will eventually die alone.


This character feels threatened by the children of a stepmother, causing this character to act in cruel and dangerous ways that will eventually lead to this character's imprisonment in a distant...

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