Her Body and Other Parties Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Machado, Carmen Maria
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Chapters 1, "The Husband Stitch" - Chapter 2, "Inventory"

The Husband Stitch

• The story begins with the narrator providing instructions about the voices in which the reader might read the story aloud: she provides for four parts, “Me,” “The boy who will grow into a man, and be my spouse,” “My father,” “My son,” and “All other women.”

• The narrator is a beautiful 17-year-old girl from a good family who has a green ribbon tied around her throat.

• She meets a boy and decides that she will marry him. He wants to touch her ribbon, but she says that he cannot, that it is hers.

• When the narrator and her boyfriend have sex in his car by a lake, the narrator describes how it feels viscerally and explicitly.

• Invoking other well-known horror stories, she imagines that “anything can move out there in the darkness…a hook-handed man, a ghostly hitchhiker...

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