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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fluellen say regarding the killing of the boys who had been guarding the luggage?
(a) It is what happens when you leave a boy to do a man's job.
(b) They were all orphans, so none will be missed.
(c) That the boys should have been armed and taught to defend themselves.
(d) It goes against the law of arms.

2. What does Gower say motivates men like Pistol to go to war?
(a) Combat pay and spoils of war.
(b) So they can brag to others about their brave exploits once they return home.
(c) Duty to king and country.
(d) A chance to travel and see the world.

3. Why does Katherine think Henry will mock her?
(a) She cannot speak English.
(b) As payback for the way her brother treated him.
(c) She is young and naive.
(d) She is not very attractive.

4. According to Exeter, French troops outnumber the English at Agincourt by what ratio?
(a) Fifteen to one.
(b) Five to one.
(c) Two to one.
(d) Ten to one.

5. The chorus says the two army camps are so close together they can do which of the following:
(a) Taste the food in their enemy's bowl.
(b) See each other's faces and almost hear each other's conversations.
(c) Accidentally wander into their enemy's tents.
(d) Smell each other's fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what country, other than France, does the chorus mention that trouble is brewing for England after Henry returns from the war?

2. The constable says the English "have said their prayers, and they stay for __________."

3. What does Pistol say has happened to Doll (Nell) that suggests she may have been unfaithful to him?

4. What does the constable say he will take as he rides to the battlefield?

5. What is the "capital demand" in the articles of peace that Henry mentions to Queen Isabel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Grandpre's attitude toward the English camp?

2. Describe the exchange between Pistol and the French soldier that the boy is called upon to serve as interpreter.

3. What is the significance of Saint Crispin's day?

4. Describe what Henry is doing in the English camp the night before the battle of Agincourt.

5. Explain what Henry tells Fluellen to do when he gives him Williams' glove.

6. What is Henry's response when Katherine asks how she could possibly love the enemy of France?

7. Describe England's celebratory mood as Henry and his army return home from France.

8. What is Henry's reasoning for wanting to go forward with Bardolph's execution?

9. Summarize the comments the boy makes after Pistol leaves with the French soldier to collect the ransom.

10. What does Gower tell Pistol after Fluellen beats him and forces him to eat the leek?

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