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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which gruesome metaphor does Exeter use to describe the death of one of the English nobility who died at Agincourt?
(a) Fertilizing a future vineyard.
(b) Something is rotten in the state of France.
(c) Larding the plain.
(d) Food for worms.

2. What are the characters in the French camp looking forward to in the pre-dawn hours before the battle of Agincourt?
(a) The end of the war.
(b) The break of day so the battle can begin.
(c) Returning to their mistresses.
(d) A hot meal.

3. Where does the messenger say the English are when he reports to the constable?
(a) Half way to Rouen.
(b) Within fifteen hundred paces of the constable's tent.
(c) Still in Calais.
(d) A day's march away.

4. What is the constable's chief lament as the French nobles prepare for battle?
(a) The English will not present much of a challenge and they will not have enough blood to stain all their weapons.
(b) The battle is too early and he has not yet had breakfast.
(c) The English have proven they fight noblemen and commoners the same unmerciful way.
(d) His favorite horse is injured and he will have to ride a different one.

5. To which mythical creature does the Dauphin compare his horse?
(a) Chiron.
(b) A centaur.
(c) Pegasus.
(d) Chimera.

Short Answer Questions

1. Henry notes that the day of the battle is the feast day of __________.

2. What do the constable and Orleans begin to do after commenting on the Dauphin's valor (or lack thereof)?

3. What is Queen Isabel's response when Henry asks if she will accompany the French king and the English representatives to the negotiations?

4. What does Henry tell Exeter to do with Williams' glove?

5. What characteristic does the Constable say has spoiled them, but will now be their friend as they return to the battlefield?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the exchange between Pistol and the French soldier that the boy is called upon to serve as interpreter.

2. Describe England's celebratory mood as Henry and his army return home from France.

3. What does the constable mean when he tells the other soldiers, "straight to horse"?

4. What are some of the comparisons that Fluellen makes between Henry and Alexander the Great?

5. What are some of the negative consequences Burgundy says that France has suffered due to lack of peace?

6. Compare the demeanor of the English troops to that of the French troops before the battle of Agincourt.

7. Explain the situation with Williams' glove after Henry asks Fluellen to wear it in his cap.

8. What does Henry tell Montjoy will be the result of dead English soldiers being buried in France?

9. Summarize the comments the boy makes after Pistol leaves with the French soldier to collect the ransom.

10. Why do the French soldiers feel so ashamed during the battle?

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