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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following tool do the armorers use to close the rivets on the knights' armor?
(a) Wrenches.
(b) Pliers.
(c) Screwdrivers.
(d) Hammers.

2. What puts an end to Williams' and Fluellen's argument over money?
(a) Henry demands that they be quiet.
(b) Exeter tells them to go settle the matter with swords.
(c) Williams says he will accept Fluellen's money if that will make him happy.
(d) A herald arrives with the battle's death count.

3. What time does the chorus say it is based upon the sounds coming from the crowing country cocks and the clocks?
(a) Daybreak.
(b) The third hour of the morning.
(c) Sometime between breakfast and lunch.
(d) Midnight.

4. What does Westmoreland wish for before the battle of Agincourt begins?
(a) That Henry would ransom himself so the rest of them go home.
(b) A hot meal.
(c) A horse as good as Henry's.
(d) Ten thousand more English troops.

5. What additional information does the boy give the French soldier regarding Pistol's acceptance of the bribe?
(a) That Pistol does not understand French currency and would have let him go for much less.
(b) That the boy has told Pistol that the amount is less than what the soldier has offered so he can get his cut.
(c) That if he surrenders himself to the king, the king will be merciful and he will not need to pay the bribe.
(d) It is against his oath to pardon any prisoner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry tell Exeter to do with Williams' glove?

2. What topic are the Dauphin, the constable, and Orleans discussing when an argument breaks out?

3. What does Montjoy request of Henry on behalf of France after the battle of Agincourt?

4. What does Pistol ask the boy to help him do with the French soldier?

5. On whose behalf does Pistol ask Fluellen to plead for mercy after this individual had been sentenced to death for robbing a church?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the death toll of the battle of Agincourt. For example, were the losses lopsided or did both sides suffer fairly equally? How are the dead accounted for in terms of class and social status?

2. Describe the poignant scene that Exeter witnessed on the battlefield.

3. Explain what Henry tells Fluellen to do when he gives him Williams' glove.

4. Describe England's celebratory mood as Henry and his army return home from France.

5. What are some of the outrageous claims the Dauphin makes about his horse?

6. Explain why Henry's post-war stay in England is cut short.

7. Summarize the comments the boy makes after Pistol leaves with the French soldier to collect the ransom.

8. Why is Fluellen so insistent that Pistol eat a leek?

9. What is the basis of the quarrel between Henry, who is in disguise, and Williams?

10. Compare the demeanor of the English troops to that of the French troops before the battle of Agincourt.

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