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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the conclusion of the lesson, what does Katherine suggest they do next?
(a) Practice their English on their visitors.
(b) Find a professional English teacher.
(c) Get ready for bed.
(d) Go to dinner.

2. What type of muse does the chorus invoke?
(a) Water.
(b) Air.
(c) Earth.
(d) Fire.

3. The chorus tells the audience that in the absence of the king and the army, England will be guarded by the following groups of people except for:
(a) Privèd maidens.
(b) Old women.
(c) Grandsires.
(d) Babies.

4. What term does the chorus NOT use to describe the stage?
(a) Wooden.
(b) Cockpit.
(c) Scaffold.
(d) Arena.

5. In addition to not wanting to die, why does Nym not want to go up to the breach?
(a) He is against attacking innocent civilians.
(b) It is raining.
(c) It is too hot.
(d) He would just get in the way.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the king of France instruct the Dauphin to do?

2. When they finished mourning Falstaff, Pistol urges his comrades to begin their journey to France and be like __________.

3. According to the chorus, what is the French response to the impending war?

4. In the Prologue, what term does the chorus use to describe King Henry?

5. Dauphin tells the French king that they should show no more fear of England than if that country were busy with __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the cause of the conflict between Nym and Pistol and how is this conflict resolved?

2. Explain what the constable means when he tells the Dauphin that Henry was "covering discretion with a coat of folly" and the significance of this statement.

3. What is Henry wanting his troops to do as they begin their attack on Harfleur and what does he suggest they do if they do not want to comply?

4. Describe the poignant scene that Exeter witnessed on the battlefield.

5. Describe the kind of rhetorical appeals Henry uses to persuade his army to be persistent in their attack on Harfleur.

6. Describe the death toll of the battle of Agincourt. For example, were the losses lopsided or did both sides suffer fairly equally? How are the dead accounted for in terms of class and social status?

7. Why is Fluellen so insistent that Pistol eat a leek?

8. What are some of the negative consequences Burgundy says that France has suffered due to lack of peace?

9. Why does the boy want to quit working for Bardolph, Nym, and Pistol? Be sure to provide examples.

10. Describe what Henry is doing in the English camp the night before the battle of Agincourt.

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