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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry do after Erpingham says the nobles are looking for him throughout the camp, but before he leaves with Gloucester?
(a) Prays that his soldiers will be brave.
(b) Writes a letter of instructions in case he is captured or killed.
(c) Sends a servant to find Williams and return his glove.
(d) Sends a messenger to the French camp stating that this is their last chance to surrender.

2. What does Westmoreland wish for before the battle of Agincourt begins?
(a) Ten thousand more English troops.
(b) A hot meal.
(c) A horse as good as Henry's.
(d) That Henry would ransom himself so the rest of them go home.

3. Why does Henry have to return to France?
(a) The citizens of France want to overthrow the monarchy.
(b) He is ready to marry Katherine.
(c) The Emperor of Rome cannot negotiate peace.
(d) He needs to discuss affairs of state with the Dauphin, who is too ill to travel.

4. When Henry comes upon the scene of the murdered boys guarding the luggage, he says he has not been angry since . . .
(a) Montjoy came to propose that he ransom himself.
(b) The battle of Harfleur.
(c) The Dauphin sent him tennis balls.
(d) He has come to France.

5. Which of the following tool do the armorers use to close the rivets on the knights' armor?
(a) Screwdrivers.
(b) Pliers.
(c) Wrenches.
(d) Hammers.

6. What does the constable say he will take as he rides to the battlefield?
(a) A banner from a trumpet.
(b) Ropes to tie up all the prisoners he will capture.
(c) An extra sword.
(d) Some food to give the starving Englishmen.

7. What is the "capital demand" in the articles of peace that Henry mentions to Queen Isabel?
(a) Two-thirds of all France's tax revenues.
(b) The French king's crown and all his powers.
(c) Katherine.
(d) A formal apology from the Dauphin.

8. What does Montjoy request of Henry on behalf of France after the battle of Agincourt?
(a) That they may collect their dead, sort them by class, and bury them.
(b) A break in the battle.
(c) The return of French prisoners not knowing they are already dead.
(d) Renegotiation of Henry's surrender and ransom.

9. According to the chorus, what is the name of the area Henry passes through on his way back to London?
(a) South Hampton.
(b) Dover.
(c) Blackheath.
(d) Canterbury.

10. What had Gower observed Pistol doing that he finally chastises him for after Fluellen beats him up?
(a) Stealing.
(b) Associating with French mercenaries.
(c) Mocking the king.
(d) Poking fun at Fluellen because of his accent.

11. The chorus says the two army camps are so close together they can do which of the following:
(a) See each other's faces and almost hear each other's conversations.
(b) Taste the food in their enemy's bowl.
(c) Smell each other's fear.
(d) Accidentally wander into their enemy's tents.

12. After witnessing a poignant scene involving the deaths of two soldiers, what is Exeter's emotional response?
(a) He began laughing hysterically even though he knew it was inappropriate.
(b) He swallowed hard, but refused to cry.
(c) He was moved to tears.
(d) He screamed in anger.

13. What does Fluellen force Pistol to do or he will continue to beat him?
(a) Admit that he abandoned his post during the battle.
(b) Give him money.
(c) Eat a leek.
(d) Say he is sorry for insulting his Welsh heritage.

14. What does Gower say motivates men like Pistol to go to war?
(a) Combat pay and spoils of war.
(b) So they can brag to others about their brave exploits once they return home.
(c) Duty to king and country.
(d) A chance to travel and see the world.

15. What strategic structure does Fluellen say is being protected by the Duke of Exeter and Pistol?
(a) A bridge.
(b) A pier.
(c) A city wall.
(d) A fort.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Williams' response to Henry (who is in disguise) when Henry says that the king would not be ransomed?

2. Where does the messenger say the English are when he reports to the constable?

3. What does Pistol mistakenly think is the name of a French soldier?

4. What does the chorus ask the audience to imagine is happening on the English beach?

5. What does Williams do when he discovers it is Henry who he had made quarrel with the night before the battle?

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