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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry do after Erpingham says the nobles are looking for him throughout the camp, but before he leaves with Gloucester?
(a) Sends a messenger to the French camp stating that this is their last chance to surrender.
(b) Sends a servant to find Williams and return his glove.
(c) Prays that his soldiers will be brave.
(d) Writes a letter of instructions in case he is captured or killed.

2. Fluellen states that the Duke of Exeter is as magnanimous as which famous ancient monarch?
(a) Agamemnon.
(b) Ozymandias.
(c) Nebuchadnezzar.
(d) Solomon.

3. What does Pistol mistakenly think is the name of a French soldier?
(a) Moy.
(b) Harry le Roy.
(c) Signieur Dew.
(d) Jay Zu Creest.

4. Who does Gower suspect had murdered the boys and stolen and burned the king's possessions?
(a) The king himself in order to arouse the rage of his own soldiers against the French.
(b) Soldiers who had run from the battle.
(c) Escaped criminals from a nearby prison.
(d) French soldiers.

5. Henry, who is in disguise, tells Williams and Bates that "Every subject's duty is the king's, but every subject's _________ is his own."
(a) Money.
(b) Life.
(c) Soul.
(d) Opinion.

6. What does Westmoreland wish for before the battle of Agincourt begins?
(a) A horse as good as Henry's.
(b) A hot meal.
(c) Ten thousand more English troops.
(d) That Henry would ransom himself so the rest of them go home.

7. Who sends Montjoy to the English camp to request that Henry surrender and give himself over for ransom?
(a) The Constable.
(b) Katherine.
(c) The Dauphin.
(d) The King of France.

8. Henry states that if it is a sin to __________, then he is the most offending soul alive.
(a) Kill one's enemies.
(b) Betray a friend.
(c) Covet gold.
(d) Covet honor.

9. What does Pistol plan to do for a living now that he no longer has Nell to support him?
(a) Go work on a farm.
(b) Return to the army and help defend the border with Scotland.
(c) Become a thief.
(d) Find another woman to support him.

10. What do Henry and Williams exchange as proof of their quarrel with each other?
(a) Gloves.
(b) Rings.
(c) Swords.
(d) Locks of their own hair.

11. What had led Fluellen into thinking that Pistol was a valiant warrior?
(a) His brave words at the bridge.
(b) He had put himself in harm's way to rescue an injured comrade.
(c) Exeter had declared as much.
(d) The fighting skills he displayed at Harfleur.

12. What order does Henry give Exeter after the alarm sounds?
(a) Try to trick the French into thinking they are going to surrender.
(b) Tell every soldier to kill his prisoners.
(c) Retreat.
(d) Regroup and charge once more.

13. What is Henry's response when Gloucester says he hopes the French will not attack now?
(a) He agrees that an attack now would certainly be a problem.
(b) That the French are bluffing and will definitely not attack now.
(c) Not to worry because they will easily be able to take the French.
(d) That they are in God's hands, not the hands of the French.

14. What does Henry tell Exeter to do with Williams' glove?
(a) Make sure Williams is buried with it.
(b) Give it to a glove maker so a mate can be made for it.
(c) Fill it with coins and give it back to Williams.
(d) Send it to Williams' widow.

15. Which character suggests that if they do not follow him back into battle to die with honor, they may as well allow a slave to have access to their daughters?
(a) The Constable.
(b) Orleans.
(c) The Dauphin.
(d) Bourbon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bourbon say will "take order now"?

2. What is Fluellen's complaint against Gower in the hours before the battle begins?

3. What does the Dauphin suggest they do before the battle to make the fight fairer?

4. Grandpre says that this Roman god appears to be bankrupt because of the English soldiers' haggard appearance:

5. Who does Williams strike when he sees him wearing his glove in his cap?

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