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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry say he and his army will do after they bury their dead and perform some post-battle religious rituals?
(a) Prepare for the next battle.
(b) Go to Calais, then return to England.
(c) Go to Paris to discuss the terms of the peace treaty.
(d) Celebrate their victory and recover from battle in the French countryside.

2. After witnessing a poignant scene involving the deaths of two soldiers, what is Exeter's emotional response?
(a) He began laughing hysterically even though he knew it was inappropriate.
(b) He swallowed hard, but refused to cry.
(c) He was moved to tears.
(d) He screamed in anger.

3. To which mythical creature does the Dauphin compare his horse?
(a) Pegasus.
(b) Chiron.
(c) Chimera.
(d) A centaur.

4. What does Williams do when he discovers it is Henry who he had made quarrel with the night before the battle?
(a) Insists that Henry has the wrong man.
(b) Says that it makes no difference.
(c) States that he thought Henry was a commoner and begs for forgiveness.
(d) Tries to run away.

5. What absurd suggestion does the Dauphin make regarding the horses?
(a) Slaughter one of the horses and eat its flesh in order to gain its strength and courage.
(b) Use horse manure in place of cannon balls.
(c) The horses are so well trained, that they can fight the battle without their riders.
(d) Cut the horses' flesh and squirt the blood in the eyes of the English.

6. What additional information does the boy give the French soldier regarding Pistol's acceptance of the bribe?
(a) That the boy has told Pistol that the amount is less than what the soldier has offered so he can get his cut.
(b) That Pistol does not understand French currency and would have let him go for much less.
(c) That if he surrenders himself to the king, the king will be merciful and he will not need to pay the bribe.
(d) It is against his oath to pardon any prisoner.

7. What had Gower observed Pistol doing that he finally chastises him for after Fluellen beats him up?
(a) Poking fun at Fluellen because of his accent.
(b) Associating with French mercenaries.
(c) Mocking the king.
(d) Stealing.

8. What is Queen Isabel's response when Henry asks if she will accompany the French king and the English representatives to the negotiations?
(a) She will go, but knows that no one will bother to listen to her opinion.
(b) Women have no place in affairs of state.
(c) She would rather stay and make sure Henry is not left alone with Katherine.
(d) A woman's voice may do some good.

9. What does Orleans say has been lost?
(a) His horse (mon cheval).
(b) The day (le jour) and all (tout).
(c) His son (mon fils) and his brother (mon frère).
(d) The war (la guerre).

10. What does the chorus, somewhat embarrassed, say will have to represent the battle on the stage?
(a) Four or five actors with foils.
(b) Sound effects clashing swords and yelling men.
(c) A fireworks display.
(d) A painting of a battle scene.

11. Henry states that a man who sheds his blood with him in battle will be . . .
(a) As dead as he will be.
(b) Forgotten eventually.
(c) Tended to by England's best surgeons.
(d) His brother.

12. According to the boy, who is left to guard the luggage after Pistol leaves?
(a) A few sick and injured soldiers.
(b) Boys.
(c) Some hirelings from a nearby village.
(d) No one.

13. What is the "capital demand" in the articles of peace that Henry mentions to Queen Isabel?
(a) Two-thirds of all France's tax revenues.
(b) A formal apology from the Dauphin.
(c) The French king's crown and all his powers.
(d) Katherine.

14. What does Pistol mistakenly think is the name of a French soldier?
(a) Signieur Dew.
(b) Jay Zu Creest.
(c) Harry le Roy.
(d) Moy.

15. Why does Erpingham say sleeping on the ground is better for him than having a soft pillow for his head?
(a) Pillows make him sneeze.
(b) Only Frenchmen use pillows.
(c) Sleeping on the hard ground is good for his back.
(d) Because he can say he is sleeping like a king.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Williams strike when he sees him wearing his glove in his cap?

2. What does Gower say motivates men like Pistol to go to war?

3. What does Queen Isabel say she hopes will happen as a result of the meeting between the French royal court and King Henry?

4. What does Henry hope that his and Katherine's potential future son will do?

5. Who does Gower suspect had murdered the boys and stolen and burned the king's possessions?

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