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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The chorus asks the audience "kindly to judge" what?
(a) People of the past and their actions.
(b) Royalty.
(c) Each other.
(d) The play.

2. At the conclusion of the lesson, what does Katherine suggest they do next?
(a) Get ready for bed.
(b) Go to dinner.
(c) Practice their English on their visitors.
(d) Find a professional English teacher.

3. On what does Hostess Quickly blame Sir John's illness?
(a) An infected wound.
(b) Getting caught in a rainstorm.
(c) Too much drink.
(d) A broken heart.

4. Sir Thomas Grey tells King Henry that those who were his father's enemies now do what?
(a) Hate the king even more than they hated his father.
(b) Fear the king.
(c) Serve the king.
(d) Rot in the prison graveyard.

5. Why does Ely think King Henry will prevent a certain bill from being passed that would take away half the church's land and money?
(a) The Queen Mother would be unhappy if the bill passed.
(b) The king is a true lover of the holy church.
(c) King Henry is a good friend of Canterbury and will do what he requests.
(d) Peasants would riot in the streets.

6. Referring to Henry, the constable tells the Dauphin that he will find these "forespent."
(a) Patience.
(b) Health.
(c) Vanities.
(d) Gold.

7. Hostess Quickly states that she "cannot lodge and board a dozen or fourteen gentlewomen" without it being thought she is running ___________.
(a) A convent.
(b) A bawdy house.
(c) A home for unwed mothers.
(d) A sweatshop.

8. Dauphin tells the French king that they should show no more fear of England than if that country were busy with __________.
(a) Women in a bawdy house.
(b) Attending a play.
(c) A Whitsun morris-dance.
(d) Bear baiting.

9. To which ancient notable military leader does Henry compare the fathers of his men?
(a) Alexander.
(b) Julius Caesar.
(c) Attila the Hun.
(d) Hannibal.

10. The Dauphin claims that "__________ is not so vile a sin / As __________."
(a) Greed/poverty.
(b) Self-love/self-neglecting.
(c) Self-hatred/self-love.
(d) Pride/failure.

11. According to the chorus, what is the French response to the impending war?
(a) They are not worried because they know the Spanish will come to their aid.
(b) They are shaking in their fear.
(c) They are as eager to go to war as the English.
(d) They are confident that their diplomats will bring about a peaceful resolution.

12. What does the governor say was the Dauphin's response to his request for help in fighting the English?
(a) To hold fast because reinforcements are on their way.
(b) That the governor is lying because it would be impossible for the incompetent English to conquer a French town.
(c) That Harfleur is not a strategic site and not worth defending.
(d) That he is not yet ready to send adequate help.

13. What does Nym suggest Pistol can do to restore their friendship?
(a) Divorce Hostess Quickly so he can marry her as originally planned.
(b) Pay him the money he owes him from betting.
(c) Write a letter to the king extolling Nym's virtues.
(d) Kill one of Nym's enemies.

14. What does Ely say regarding the transformation in King Henry?
(a) We are blessed.
(b) He now has a holier-than-thou attitude.
(c) He used to be more fun.
(d) It was a long time coming.

15. The chorus asks to be admitted to what?
(a) Backstage.
(b) The audience's good favor.
(c) The presence of the king.
(d) This history.

Short Answer Questions

1. King Henry states that he will be "No king of England" if he is not also what else?

2. In addition to not wanting to die, why does Nym not want to go up to the breach?

3. The constable states that if Henry cannot be fought off, then they should leave France and leave their "__________ to a barbarous people."

4. Why does Katherine think Alice speaks English well?

5. In the Prologue, what term does the chorus use to describe King Henry?

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