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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the conclusion of the lesson, what does Katherine suggest they do next?
(a) Practice their English on their visitors.
(b) Find a professional English teacher.
(c) Get ready for bed.
(d) Go to dinner.

2. What type of muse does the chorus invoke?
(a) Water.
(b) Air.
(c) Earth.
(d) Fire.

3. The chorus tells the audience that in the absence of the king and the army, England will be guarded by the following groups of people except for:
(a) Privèd maidens.
(b) Old women.
(c) Grandsires.
(d) Babies.

4. What term does the chorus NOT use to describe the stage?
(a) Wooden.
(b) Cockpit.
(c) Scaffold.
(d) Arena.

5. In addition to not wanting to die, why does Nym not want to go up to the breach?
(a) He is against attacking innocent civilians.
(b) It is raining.
(c) It is too hot.
(d) He would just get in the way.

6. What does the king of France instruct the Dauphin to do?
(a) Practice his sword fighting.
(b) Try to flee the country before the English arrive.
(c) Send courageous men to certain towns to ready them for war.
(d) Continue in his daily affairs as usual.

7. When they finished mourning Falstaff, Pistol urges his comrades to begin their journey to France and be like __________.
(a) Fleas.
(b) Vampire bats.
(c) Horse-leeches.
(d) Mosquitoes.

8. According to the chorus, what is the French response to the impending war?
(a) They are confident that their diplomats will bring about a peaceful resolution.
(b) They are shaking in their fear.
(c) They are as eager to go to war as the English.
(d) They are not worried because they know the Spanish will come to their aid.

9. In the Prologue, what term does the chorus use to describe King Henry?
(a) Foolish.
(b) Peaceful.
(c) Warlike.
(d) Angry.

10. Dauphin tells the French king that they should show no more fear of England than if that country were busy with __________.
(a) Attending a play.
(b) A Whitsun morris-dance.
(c) Bear baiting.
(d) Women in a bawdy house.

11. The king of France tells the Dauphin to stay with them in __________.
(a) Versailles.
(b) Harfleur.
(c) Rouen.
(d) Paris.

12. The chorus states, "Think, when we talk of _________, that you see them."
(a) Ships.
(b) Wenches.
(c) Armies.
(d) Horses.

13. Referring to Henry, the constable tells the Dauphin that he will find these "forespent."
(a) Health.
(b) Vanities.
(c) Patience.
(d) Gold.

14. The chorus says the play will turn the "accomplishment of many years" into what?
(a) A pleasant evening.
(b) An hour-glass.
(c) A short story.
(d) A sundial.

15. After Henry responds to the Dauphin's insulting gesture by declaring war, the chorus states that "all the youth of England are" in what state of mind and doing what?
(a) On fire and preparing themselves for war.
(b) Afraid of being drafted and are going into hiding or leaving the country.
(c) Angry that they will have to fight a war to satisfy the king's personal agenda and are protesting in the streets.
(d) Aware that the war will soon bring an end to the good times and are making merry while they can.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what account from the Christian Bible does Henry allude to when he foretells the suffering the people of Harfleur will experience if they do not surrender?

2. Ely compares King Henry's development to the growth of what type of fruit?

3. The chorus asks to be admitted to what?

4. Hostess Quickly states that she "cannot lodge and board a dozen or fourteen gentlewomen" without it being thought she is running ___________.

5. The constable tells the Dauphin that he has a mistaken opinion regarding what?

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