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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Katherine think Alice speaks English well?
(a) Alice has been to England.
(b) Alice had once been married to an English man.
(c) Alice's previous job had been working for an English family.
(d) Alice's mother is English.

2. At the conclusion of the lesson, what does Katherine suggest they do next?
(a) Get ready for bed.
(b) Find a professional English teacher.
(c) Practice their English on their visitors.
(d) Go to dinner.

3. In the Prologue, what term does the chorus use to describe King Henry?
(a) Foolish.
(b) Peaceful.
(c) Warlike.
(d) Angry.

4. To what end does Henry claim that Cambridge, Grey, and Scroop must be put to death?
(a) The saving of their own souls.
(b) The kingdom's safety.
(c) Justice.
(d) Revenge.

5. From where does the chorus ask the audience to imagine that the "well-appointed king" and his fleet embark?
(a) Harfleur.
(b) The Straits of Dover.
(c) Hampton pier.
(d) Staines.

6. To what creature from classical mythology does Canterbury compare Prince Henry's willfulness?
(a) The Sphinx.
(b) Leviathan.
(c) The Gorgon.
(d) The Hydra.

7. What justification does Henry give for his soldiers to wreak havoc if Harfleur does not surrender?
(a) To prove to the Dauphin that war is his favorite sport, not tennis.
(b) This is what French soldiers would do if the situation were reversed.
(c) To make an example of them for other French cities.
(d) The soldiers will be so enraged that he will not be able to control them.

8. What is the name of the river the king of France believes Henry and his army have passed?
(a) Seine.
(b) Somme.
(c) Rhone.
(d) Thames.

9. What is the dowry that the French offer King Henry along with the king's daughter Katherine?
(a) Half of the ships in the French navy.
(b) Some petty and unprofitable dukedoms.
(c) Any land in the New World that had already been claimed for France.
(d) Marriage of Katherine's younger sister to anyone Henry chooses.

10. What is Alice's response to Katherine's assertion that she (Alice) speaks English well?
(a) Alice laughs and asks Katherine why she would think such a thing.
(b) Alice says she knows a little.
(c) Alice confirms that she is fluent in English.
(d) Alice corrects Katherine and tells her it is German she speaks fluently, not English.

11. To what does Henry compare his men as they are eagerly awaiting battle?
(a) Tigers.
(b) Greyhounds.
(c) Race horses.
(d) Fighting dogs.

12. What words from Henry's speech at Harfleur does Bardolph repeat to the others in his group?
(a) Dishonor not your mother.
(b) On, to the breach.
(c) The game's afoot.
(d) Teach them how to war.

13. Canterbury tells King Henry that Salic is not part of France, but of _________.
(a) Germany.
(b) England.
(c) Spain.
(d) Scotland.

14. In what city does Act 1, Scene 1 take place?
(a) London.
(b) Harfleur.
(c) Paris.
(d) Canterbury.

15. The chorus asks to be admitted to what?
(a) Backstage.
(b) The audience's good favor.
(c) This history.
(d) The presence of the king.

Short Answer Questions

1. Based on the chorus' description, which best describes Harfleur's location?

2. What does Ely say regarding the transformation in King Henry?

3. What does Canterbury say Henry had once been addicted to?

4. What does Bardolph say he will do to help Nym and Pistol become friends?

5. According to the chorus, what is the French response to the impending war?

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