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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From which port city does the chorus say King Henry will sail to France?
(a) Portsmouth.
(b) Dover.
(c) Southampton.
(d) Plymouth.

2. Henry states that during peacetime, nothing is more becoming to a man than __________.
(a) Fair nature.
(b) Humble patience.
(c) Hard-favored rage.
(d) Modest stillness and humility.

3. The chorus asks to be admitted to what?
(a) Backstage.
(b) The audience's good favor.
(c) This history.
(d) The presence of the king.

4. Why does Ely think King Henry will prevent a certain bill from being passed that would take away half the church's land and money?
(a) The Queen Mother would be unhappy if the bill passed.
(b) The king is a true lover of the holy church.
(c) Peasants would riot in the streets.
(d) King Henry is a good friend of Canterbury and will do what he requests.

5. What does King Henry tell Exeter to do with the drunken man who had railed against him the day before?
(a) Execute him.
(b) Pardon him.
(c) Offer him a position at court.
(d) Put him in the stocks in the town square.

Short Answer Questions

1. The chorus states, "Think, when we talk of _________, that you see them."

2. Canterbury urges King Henry to look to his great uncle, who had once defeated the French, for strength. What is the name of Henry's great uncle?

3. How did Hostess Quickly determine that Falstaff was near death?

4. King Henry hesitates to go to war with France because he is afraid what group will seize the opportunity to invade?

5. What does Henry tell Exeter to do with Harfleur?

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