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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Scene 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ely compares King Henry's development to the growth of what type of fruit?
(a) Apple.
(b) Grape.
(c) Lemon.
(d) Strawberry.

2. Henry tells his army that "when the blast of war blows in our ears," to imitate the action of which animal?
(a) Lion.
(b) Tiger.
(c) Eagle.
(d) Bear.

3. What is Williams' response to Henry (who is in disguise) when Henry says that the king would not be ransomed?
(a) That he may indeed be ransomed but they would not know the difference once their throats had been cut.
(b) Only because it is not the way of the French to hold men for ransom.
(c) He agrees that Henry would not permit such a thing to happen.
(d) The English would never be willing to pay a ransom, even for Henry.

4. What does the chorus, somewhat embarrassed, say will have to represent the battle on the stage?
(a) A fireworks display.
(b) Four or five actors with foils.
(c) A painting of a battle scene.
(d) Sound effects clashing swords and yelling men.

5. What does Henry do after Erpingham says the nobles are looking for him throughout the camp, but before he leaves with Gloucester?
(a) Sends a messenger to the French camp stating that this is their last chance to surrender.
(b) Sends a servant to find Williams and return his glove.
(c) Writes a letter of instructions in case he is captured or killed.
(d) Prays that his soldiers will be brave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the boy's urgent message that diverts Nym and Pistol from their duel?

2. The chorus asks the audience to imagine passing through the "foul womb of __________."

3. Henry had seen this duke fall in battle several times and covered in blood so he asks Exeter whether he might still be alive:

4. What words from Alice's lesson does Katherine consider too vulgar to speak before the gentlemen of France?

5. Henry, who is in disguise, tells Williams and Bates that "Every subject's duty is the king's, but every subject's _________ is his own."

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