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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Prologue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When they finished mourning Falstaff, Pistol urges his comrades to begin their journey to France and be like __________.
(a) Mosquitoes.
(b) Fleas.
(c) Vampire bats.
(d) Horse-leeches.

2. How did Hostess Quickly determine that Falstaff was near death?
(a) He turned blue.
(b) His breathing stopped.
(c) He was unresponsive.
(d) His body felt cold.

3. Henry states that during peacetime, nothing is more becoming to a man than __________.
(a) Hard-favored rage.
(b) Fair nature.
(c) Modest stillness and humility.
(d) Humble patience.

4. What does Katherine think after she has learned two words in English?
(a) That English is a barbaric language.
(b) That she will never be able to learn such a difficult language.
(c) That Alice is intentionally teaching her incorrect pronunciation.
(d) That she is a good scholar.

5. What is the battle cry Henry gives his men?
(a) God for Harry, England, and Saint George!
(b) Huzzah!
(c) Pour le Roi et pour la France!
(d) God have mercy because we will not!

Short Answer Questions

1. Hostess Quickly offers to bring her husband to what location?

2. Why does Katherine think Alice speaks English well?

3. According to the chorus, what is the French response to the impending war?

4. Which of the following tool do the armorers use to close the rivets on the knights' armor?

5. Which part of the body does the chorus mention when he says, "We'll not offend one __________ with our play"?

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