King Henry V Fun Activities

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Write a Trivia Quiz

Create a list of trivia questions based on the play. If this is done as a class, your instructor may want to assign acts and scenes. Try to make the questions fun. Here is an example: Q: Alice tries to teach Katherine English words referring to what group of objects: (a) parts of the body, (b) types of foods, (c) animals, (d) days of the week. A: (a) parts of the body. If possible, have the class divide up into teams or rank winners individually.

Watch a Movie

Watch a film adaptation of Henry V (the 1989 adaptation with Kenneth Branagh is a popular version, but there are others). How does the film version compare to your idea of how the play should be interpreted?

Learn about the Author

Who was William Shakespeare? What else did he write? Is "The Life of King Henry the...

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