King Henry V Character Descriptions

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This character works as a lady-in-waiting, serves as an English tutor, and offers translation services when called upon to do so.

Ambassadors (to the King of England)

These characters are sent from France, to deliver tennis balls to the main character.

Archbishop of Canterbury

See Canterbury


These characters have small or no speaking parts, but contribute to the regal atmosphere of the French and English courts as they are represented onstage; they are usually male and often accompany the kings and lords at various points in the play and serve no military function.


This character is described as having a face and nose that are "all bubukles, and whelks, and knobs, and flames a' fire" and is eventually hanged for robbing from a church.

John Bates

This character is one of the English soldiers who, along with other characters, meets the main character on the...

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