King Henry V Character Descriptions

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Alice - This character works as a lady-in-waiting, serves as an English tutor, and offers translation services when called upon to do so.

Ambassadors (to the King of England) - These characters are sent from France, to deliver tennis balls to the main character.

Archbishop of Canterbury - See Canterbury

Attendants - These characters have small or no speaking parts, but contribute to the regal atmosphere of the French and English courts as they are represented onstage; they are usually male and often accompany the kings and lords at various points in the play and serve no military function.

Bardolph - This character is described as having a face and nose that are "all bubukles, and whelks, and knobs, and flames a' fire" and is eventually hanged for robbing from a church.

John Bates - This character is one of the English soldiers who, along with other...

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