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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Henry Percy's nickname?

2. Who goes first to Shrewsbury?

3. What is the name of Hotspur's castle?

4. What does the chamberlain tell the carriers?

5. What is "Charles' wain?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Hotspur's response to his wife's questions?

2. What does Vernon say when he hears of the Prince's offer to single combat?

3. What part does the Archbishop of York have in the rebellion?

4. What do the tradesmen make of the inn?

5. In Act 2, Scene 4 at the tavern, Falstaff goes to deal with the King's messenger and comes back with what message?

6. What did Henry Percy do before the play started that angers the King?

7. Does Hotspur accept or reject the King's offer of pardon?

8. What happens after the first robbery has been committed by Falstaff?

9. What does Falstaff tell the Prince after speaking with the nobleman sent by the King?

10. How does Mortimer communicate with his wife?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Sacrifice was a theme that was very prevalent in this book. Who were the characters most affected by this theme, and how did they allow sacrifice to change their lives?

Essay Topic 2

Shakespeare has Prince Hal with one foot in the royal court and one in the world of the common man. How does the Prince operate in each sphere? Can you imagine King Henry interacting with Francis the apprentice drawer in the same way that Hal does? What does this show us about Prince Hal? Use examples to show how Hal is able to operate effectively in both worlds.

Essay Topic 3

Despair was a theme that was placed in a number of sensitive places in this plot. What are some of these places, and what role did despair play in this book?

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