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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first person mentioned in the play who is killed on the battlefield?
(a) Hotspur.
(b) The Lord of Stafford.
(c) Douglas.
(d) Henry IV.

2. What is Falstaff worried about while in the tavern without the Prince?
(a) The Prince will forget him.
(b) He is getting sick.
(c) The Prince will arrest him.
(d) He is losing weight.

3. What word does the Douglas say is not in his land's language?
(a) Hope.
(b) Death.
(c) Fear.
(d) Destruction.

4. In Act 4, Scene 3, when does Hotspur want to attack the king?
(a) In several weeks time.
(b) Never, he seeks peace.
(c) Tonight.
(d) He wants the king to attack first.

5. Who calls the rebels to arms?
(a) Hotspur.
(b) Vernon.
(c) Worcester.
(d) Douglas.

6. What is the family relationship between Hotspur and Vernon?
(a) Brothers.
(b) Nephew and Uncle.
(c) Cousins.
(d) In-laws.

7. Why is Prince Henry asked to withdraw from battle?
(a) He is young.
(b) He must deliver a message.
(c) He is wounded.
(d) He is the heir.

8. At the beginning of Act 3, Scene 3 Falstaff is worried about what?
(a) Becoming too thin.
(b) Losing at cards.
(c) Having smallpox.
(d) Going to war.

9. What does Falstaff say was stolen from him in the tavern?
(a) His journal.
(b) A jewel.
(c) His purse.
(d) A seal ring.

10. What city are Falstaff and Bardolph near at the beginning of Act 4?
(a) Castlewood.
(b) Callington.
(c) Canterbury.
(d) Coventry.

11. What is Falstaff sent off to gather up?
(a) Furniture for the officers.
(b) Sack and Ale for the men.
(c) Recruits for the battle.
(d) Funds for the war effort.

12. Why does Hotspur's father not come to the battle at Shrewsbury?
(a) He claims he is sick.
(b) His father is a traitor.
(c) He's been killed by Glouster.
(d) Hotspur's father is extremely old.

13. What does Falstaff mock about the man who he asks to cheer him up?
(a) His grey hair.
(b) His thin beard.
(c) His fat belly.
(d) His red face.

14. Who identifies Blunt's dead body?
(a) Hotspur.
(b) Douglas.
(c) Worcester.
(d) The Prince.

15. What does Douglas mean when he says "like Hydra's heads"?
(a) The King does not use his head.
(b) For one King cut down two grow up.
(c) His sword is drawn to royalty.
(d) Kings are weak as water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who robs Falstaff?

2. Why does Falstaff call Mistress Quickly "Dame Partlet?"

3. Who does Vernon think is a good chance for the country?

4. In Act 4, Scene 4, what is the Archbishop sending out?

5. What does the person telling Hotspur about Lancaster say he heard the Prince compare himself to?

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