King Henry IV, Part I Character Descriptions

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Archbishop of York (Richard Scroop) - This religious leader sides with the rebels against the King.

Archibald (Earl of Douglas) - This fierce warrior leads Scottish forces against the King.

Attendants - These minor characters are the extras in the play as they assist the King at court.

Bardolph - This person is a drinking and thieving companion often found at the tavern who has a very red face.

Blunt (Sir Walter Blunt) - At the battle of Shrewsbury this character disguises himself as the King and is killed.

Bolingbroke (King Henry IV of England, formerly known as Bolingbroke) - This character is the ruling monarch of the land.

Carriers - These tradesmen deliver goods for a living.

Chamberlain - This dishonest servant gives information about the traveling plans of wealthy travelers.

Douglas (Archibald, Earl of Douglas) - This character is the leader of the Scottish...

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