King Henry IV, Part I Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Act 1, Scene 1

• The King is in his palace with some advisors and bemoans that continuing civil war. He wants to end it by going on a crusade.

• Westmoreland brings news that Mortimer has failed in Scottland and a massacre took place. Henry Percy's army is strong.

• King Henry IV, his advisers, allies and court are at the London palace.

• The King speaks of wanting to go on a crusade to the Holy Land but civil war is brewing.

• Westmoreland tells of battles in Wales.

• The King says he is jealous of Northumberland, Henry Percy's father. He wishes he could trade his son Henry for Henry Percy.

• Henry Percy has taken a large number of Earls captive, and refuses to release most of them with ransoms. The King hates his pride.

• Westmoreland blames Worcester, Henry Percy's (or Hotspur), uncle, for encouraging his nephew to continue is this bloody work...

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