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Danbury, Connecticut - The closest town to Henderson's home, it is also Lily's hometown and the so-called hatter's capital of Connecticut.

The Dycapotable Deux Cent Deux - The small convertible car that Lily and Henderson drive on their cathedral tour of France.

Vyzelay - The town in France where Lily and Henderson first end their relationship.

The Voice That Says - Henderson is haunted by this. He is unable to identify what it is that is wanted, or how to get it, and this is part of his motivation for going to Africa.

Frogs - They infest the drinking water reservoir used by the Arnewi tribe, which renders the water undrinkable according to their customs.

Cattle - They are described as smooth-skinned and hump-backed. They make low deep grunts instead of lowing noises.

Lily's Portrait - Lily wants this to hang in the hall of her home...

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