Henderson the Rain King Character Descriptions

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Eugene Henderson

He is a large man, with a shocking physical appearance and great strength. He has a distinguished family history, and his father, a famous author, leaves him three million dollars when he dies. He has been married twice and has five children, although he is not particularly interested in parenting.

Frances Henderson

She is handsome, tall, elegant, and sinewy. Her husband marries her to please his father.

Lily Simmons Henderson

She is described as sweet-faced, and very white and large. It is suggested that she is a liar, a con artist, and not very clean.

Edward Henderson

He is clean-cut and buttoned-down with a "faceless face." He drives a shiny sports car. He lives in California and plays in a jazz band.

Ricey Henderson

She takes a child from the backseat of a car one Christmas and is eventually expelled from boarding school.

Alice Henderson


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