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Chapter 1

• Henderson explains why he takes a trip to Africa.

• He is a rich man born into a good family, but things have gotten so bad it is necessary to make a trip to Africa.
• After graduating, Henderson marries Frances to appease his father. They divorce twenty years later.

• Henderson remarries a woman called Lily. They have twins and Henderson's drinking becomes a problem.

Chapter 2

• Henderson explains how he meets Lily. They meet when Frances storms out of a party and Lily offers to give Henderson a ride home.

• Henderson and Lily meet again in New York. Henderson hears a voice saying to him "I want, I want."
• Lily marries a man called Hazard and Henderson takes his family to France for the year.

• Lily and Henderson meet in Paris and drive around visiting cathedrals and talking about life. Lily asks Henderson to come back to USA with...

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