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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Many of the rape charges result from women who readily engage in sexual activity with ___________ Hell's Angels.
(a) Younger
(b) One of the
(c) Two or three
(d) Men pretending to be

2. The preacher at the funeral of the Hell's Angel told the crowd that God wouldn't tolerate ________.
(a) Sin
(b) Violence
(c) Drugs
(d) Bikers

3. Thompson suggests the earliest _________ were indentured servants who came to America in colonial times.
(a) Gangs
(b) Slaves
(c) Drifters
(d) Bikers

4. What do the Hell's Angels supposedly label the boxes which actually contain large amounts of drugs?
(a) Motorcycle parts
(b) Police badges
(c) Camping equipment
(d) Drugs

5. The Laconia "____________" of 1965 was also blamed on the presence of Hell's Angels.
(a) Tragedy
(b) Deaths
(c) Motorcycle riot
(d) Bike Blood

6. The Hell's Angels Thompson spoke to said that these 'smugglers' from #148 _____________.
(a) Were friends
(b) Were leaders of another chapter
(c) Were unknown to them
(d) Were made up

7. The ____________ on Bass Lake mounted on the first afternoon with a report that a Hell's Angel had been injured.
(a) Movement
(b) Violence
(c) Fear
(d) Tension

8. Motorcycle outlaws have been accused of maintaining a ______________.
(a) Drug stockpile
(b) Dope network
(c) Trafficking network
(d) Drug cartel

9. Thompson notes that the Hell's Angels are far too ____________ to be a part of a large drug network.
(a) Small
(b) Nervous
(c) Unconnected
(d) Lazy

10. The rioting and the violence at the ______________ rally was blamed on the Hell's Angels.
(a) Laconia
(b) Raleigh
(c) Boston
(d) Concord

11. Who ended up spending some time in prison during the year of 1965?
(a) Tiny Baxter
(b) Sonny Barger
(c) Buzzard
(d) Terry the Tramp

12. Many people wandered into the _________ for sex or for sleep.
(a) Bathrooms
(b) Picnic area
(c) Cars
(d) Woods

13. The Hell's Angels say that nearly all of the rape allegations are false or _____________ charges.
(a) Nonsense
(b) Media created
(c) Trumped up
(d) Ridiculous

14. What would the police do at the designated time as agreed to by the Hell's Angels and the police?
(a) They would leave the area
(b) They would take other people away
(c) They would surround the area
(d) They would join the Hell's Angels

15. What drug were the Hell's Angels introduced to, though they ended up going back to marijuana instead?
(a) Mushrooms
(b) MDMA
(c) Mescaline
(d) LSD

Short Answer Questions

1. Thompson also believes the Hell's Angels were not _____________ enough to be a part of a large drug operation.

2. The Hell's Angels focus their drug use on __________________.

3. What ran short so another collection needed to be taken up?

4. Whose anti-war rhetoric did the Hell's Angels not agree with, causing them to become angry when they were with him?

5. The Hell's Angels will take just about any pill and in ________________.

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