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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The __________ found no evidence of forced sexual activity in any of the alleged victims of the Monterey rape.
(a) Detective
(b) Police
(c) Nurse
(d) Medical examiner

2. No __________ could be found and one alleged victim refused to testify in relation to the rape charges.
(a) Hell's Angels
(b) Women
(c) Witnesses
(d) Clothing

3. What is the nickname of the preferred brand of motorcycles the Hell's Angels like to ride?
(a) Chopper
(b) Hog
(c) Harley
(d) Hog Boss

4. The Hell's Angels often wear leather, but they mostly wear _____________.
(a) Cotton
(b) Canvas
(c) Linen
(d) Denim

5. What was the Hollywood film that seemed to affect the Hell's Angels the most?
(a) The Wild One
(b) Scorpio Rising
(c) Easy Rider
(d) Biking

6. Most Hell's Angels in the mid 1960s did not care about their ___________.
(a) Bikes
(b) Wives
(c) Historical roots
(d) Families

7. What was the position of Thomas Lynch during the time of the investigations of the Hell's Angels?
(a) State Senator
(b) Lawyer
(c) Police Chief
(d) Attorney General

8. The Hell's Angels also believe their ____________ is inherently correct.
(a) Way of living
(b) Appearance
(c) Biking style
(d) Viewpoint

9. Companies hiring workers would avoid selecting people who ____________ like Hell's Angels.
(a) Moved
(b) Looked
(c) Smelled
(d) Dressed

10. The ___________ is obviously a sexual symbol, according to Thompson.
(a) Throttle
(b) Leather
(c) Motorcycle
(d) Helmet

11. Who was the Hell's Angel who had been stomped and chain whipped by a bunch of Diablos?
(a) Bob the Buster
(b) Tiny
(c) Terry the Tramp
(d) Buzzard

12. Who wanted to make sure that Thompson wasn't bringing anyone with him?
(a) Frenchy
(b) Buzzard
(c) Sonny Barger
(d) Terry the Tramp

13. What was the town that is cited to be the 'birthplace' of the Hell's Angels?
(a) Modesto
(b) San Bernadino
(c) Oakland
(d) San Jose

14. The membership of the Hell's Angels was larger, but it was never more than __________.
(a) 100
(b) 200
(c) 500
(d) 50

15. The motorcycle gang was observant of _____________ as they rode their bikes.
(a) Their formation
(b) All local laws
(c) No local laws
(d) The speed limit

Short Answer Questions

1. The California _____________ had already been notified in all of the towns along the Hell's Angels' route.

2. Who was the senator in Monterey County who was keen on outrage stories, according to Thompson?

3. The Harley model ____________ was preferred by nearly all mid 1960s motorcycle outlaws.

4. One Hell's Angel was worried about the trip because "with all the ________ I'm afraid every cop in the state will be there."

5. The Hell's Angels began to realize the _____________ was not necessarily a good thing.

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