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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Hell's Angels also believe their ____________ is inherently correct.
(a) Viewpoint
(b) Biking style
(c) Appearance
(d) Way of living

2. The Hell's Angels often wear leather, but they mostly wear _____________.
(a) Cotton
(b) Linen
(c) Denim
(d) Canvas

3. The Hell's Angels began to realize the _____________ was not necessarily a good thing.
(a) Publicity
(b) Murdering tendency
(c) Media
(d) Drug reputation

4. The Hell's Angels were expecting serious trouble, so they left their __________ behind.
(a) Money
(b) Wives and girlfriends
(c) IDs
(d) Guns

5. The demand for the Lynch report was so great that there had to be ____________
(a) A second printing
(b) A guard at Lynch's door
(c) A 100 calls a day for it
(d) Guards in front of the original

6. Most of the Hell's Angels who go on the annual trips just want ____________.
(a) To have fun
(b) To ride their bikes
(c) To bother the police
(d) To cause trouble

7. Where did the girls and their boyfriends go with the Hell's Angels?
(a) Burger stand
(b) Parking lot
(c) Park
(d) Beach

8. One Hell's Angel was worried about the trip because "with all the ________ I'm afraid every cop in the state will be there."
(a) Publicity
(b) Traffic
(c) Noise
(d) Bikes

9. The citizens of the area were becoming concerned about the predictions of ______________ and criminal activities.
(a) Motorcycles
(b) Lewd behavior
(c) Loud noises
(d) Drunken men

10. By 1964, the Hell's Angels boasted several ___________ in various cities along the West Coast.
(a) Home bases
(b) Bikes
(c) Headquarters
(d) Chapters

11. The Hell's Angels are generally scrupulous about observing ______________.
(a) Moments of silence for dead solidiers
(b) Holidays
(c) Speed limits
(d) Local ordinances

12. The Hell's Angel really do want to avoid arrest and ______________.
(a) Death
(b) Legal harrassment
(c) Police records
(d) Injury

13. "The best thing about the Hell's Angels is that we don't _________ to each other."
(a) Promise
(b) Whisper
(c) Give too much
(d) Lie

14. What was not one of the reasons why a Hell's Angel would not be in the gang for long?
(a) They were in rehab
(b) They went to prison
(c) They would retire
(d) They would be killed

15. What was the title of the article printed about the Hell's Angels in Time Magazine?
(a) The Wild Gang
(b) The Wilder Ones
(c) The End is Near
(d) The Wild Ride

Short Answer Questions

1. By the midsummer of 1965, the Hell's Angels were already the subject of two _____________.

2. What was the name of the 1964 avant garde film made by Kenneth Anger?

3. In the public perception of the Hell's Angels, they were big time _______________.

4. The Hell's Angels don't want to cause trouble because spending a night _____________ is no fun.

5. What kind of charges was the unofficial leader of the Hell's Angels put into jail for?

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