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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV "The Dope Cabala and a Wall of Fire".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When most of the ___________ left the campground, the Hell's Angels began to drink and to use drugs more vigorously.
(a) Police
(b) Light
(c) Cars
(d) Women

2. The hard riding of the Hell's Angels is _______________, fearless, and dangerous.
(a) Safe
(b) Smooth
(c) Aggressive
(d) Risky

3. What other motorcycle gang was waiting at the assembly area when Thompson arrived?
(a) Black Mambos
(b) Crazy Clowns
(c) Gypsy Jokes
(d) Marauders

4. The Hell's Angels Thompson spoke to said that these 'smugglers' from #148 _____________.
(a) Were leaders of another chapter
(b) Were unknown to them
(c) Were made up
(d) Were friends

5. After the period of World War II, many of the drifters ended up settling in ______________.
(a) Florida
(b) California
(c) Nevada
(d) Texas

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the title of the article printed about the Hell's Angels in Time Magazine?

2. Where does Thompson finally stagger off to sleep when the night is winding down?

3. What kind of charges was the unofficial leader of the Hell's Angels put into jail for?

4. Who did the sheriff arrest in the altercation between Dirty Ed and the teenagers?

5. What was not one of the reasons why a Hell's Angel would not be in the gang for long?

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