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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV "The Dope Cabala and a Wall of Fire".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The motorcycle gang was observant of _____________ as they rode their bikes.
(a) All local laws
(b) Their formation
(c) No local laws
(d) The speed limit

2. Where did Thompson call before the trip on the Fourth of July as he wanted to go with the Hell's Angels?
(a) The Harley Store
(b) The diner
(c) The Traveler Bar
(d) The Box Shop

3. Other cars and ____________ also arrived during the night, even though they were not supposed to.
(a) Gangs
(b) Police officers
(c) Motorcycles
(d) Tramps

4. What was not one of the reasons why a Hell's Angel would not be in the gang for long?
(a) They were in rehab
(b) They would be killed
(c) They went to prison
(d) They would retire

5. What do the Hell's Angels believe in when something is done to hurt them?
(a) Total retaliation
(b) Nothing
(c) Eye for an eye
(d) Guns

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the Hell's Angel who had been stomped and chain whipped by a bunch of Diablos?

2. What were four of the Hell's Angels arrested for pushing the gang into the national eye?

3. The typical police response to the Hell's Angels is __________, bordering on hysteria.

4. The Hell's Angels' __________ is shocking to most people because of its inherent imbalance.

5. The police refused to summon a/an ___________ until someone would act as a financial guarantor.

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