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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Hell's Angels believe in when something is done to hurt them?
(a) Total retaliation
(b) Eye for an eye
(c) Nothing
(d) Guns

2. What did Thomas Lynch send to others in order to get more information about the Hell's Angels?
(a) Money
(b) Questionnaires
(c) Private investigators
(d) Spies

3. The Hell's Angels tend to be generally shiftless and prone to _____________, according to Thompson.
(a) Boredom
(b) Laziness
(c) Violence
(d) Wandering

4. The Hell's Angels also believe their ____________ is inherently correct.
(a) Appearance
(b) Biking style
(c) Way of living
(d) Viewpoint

5. The Hell's Angels don't want to cause trouble because spending a night _____________ is no fun.
(a) Passed out
(b) With a young girl
(c) In jail
(d) In the bathroom

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Terry the Tramp end up working when he wasn't with the Hell's Angels?

2. What did Thompson do as he was driving with the Hell's Angels as they traveled?

3. One Hell's Angel was worried about the trip because "with all the ________ I'm afraid every cop in the state will be there."

4. What is the nickname of the preferred brand of motorcycles the Hell's Angels like to ride?

5. What did Gut and Buzzard show to Thompson when they were stopped at a roadside stand?

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