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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most of the Hell's Angels who go on the annual trips just want ____________.
(a) To cause trouble
(b) To bother the police
(c) To have fun
(d) To ride their bikes

2. What is the nickname of the preferred brand of motorcycles the Hell's Angels like to ride?
(a) Hog
(b) Harley
(c) Hog Boss
(d) Chopper

3. One Hell's Angel was worried about the trip because "with all the ________ I'm afraid every cop in the state will be there."
(a) Traffic
(b) Noise
(c) Bikes
(d) Publicity

4. The Hell's Angels often wear leather, but they mostly wear _____________.
(a) Canvas
(b) Linen
(c) Cotton
(d) Denim

5. The correspondent from the _____________ in Los Angeles wrote a commentary on the Lynch Report which helped to sustain public interest in the Hell's Angels.
(a) Chicago Tribune
(b) Washington Observer
(c) New York Times
(d) LA Times

Short Answer Questions

1. In which California town did the movie from #58 take place, at least according to the story?

2. The Hell's Angels began to realize the _____________ was not necessarily a good thing.

3. The typical police response to the Hell's Angels is __________, bordering on hysteria.

4. _______________ is durable in a road accident when exposed skin is easily shredded on asphalt.

5. Many of the Hell's Angels lost their __________ after appearing in photographs.

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