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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The correspondent from the _____________ in Los Angeles wrote a commentary on the Lynch Report which helped to sustain public interest in the Hell's Angels.
(a) Washington Observer
(b) New York Times
(c) Chicago Tribune
(d) LA Times

2. Everyone wanted __________ and stories about the Hell's Angels as they become celebrities.
(a) Music
(b) Photographs
(c) Memorabilia
(d) Books

3. The Hell's Angels don't want to cause trouble because spending a night _____________ is no fun.
(a) With a young girl
(b) Passed out
(c) In jail
(d) In the bathroom

4. _______________ is durable in a road accident when exposed skin is easily shredded on asphalt.
(a) Cotton
(b) Leather
(c) Canvas
(d) Plastic

5. What kind of charges was the unofficial leader of the Hell's Angels put into jail for?
(a) Rape
(b) Murder
(c) Larceny
(d) Drug

Short Answer Questions

1. Psychology experts tend to speak of the repressed homosexuality and ________________ of Hell's Angels.

2. _________________ by the Hell's Angels is swift, violent, and complete.

3. The Hell's Angels also believe their ____________ is inherently correct.

4. What was the title of the article printed about the Hell's Angels in Time Magazine?

5. _______________ bars often feature motorcycle themes and bar patrons dress the part in pristine leathers.

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