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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On a Labor Day run to ______________ the Hell's Angels were accused of rampaging through local bars, shouting obscenities, and trying to abduct a barmaid.
(a) Santa Barbara
(b) San Luis Obispo
(c) Porterville
(d) Monterey

2. What does Kierkegaard have to say about the press in his quote at the beginning of the chapter? "The daily press is the __________ of the modern world."
(a) Dirt
(b) Magician
(c) Ringleader
(d) Evil principle

3. The senator lumped the Hell's Angels into the category with other ___________.
(a) Leather wearers
(b) Disreputables
(c) Gangs
(d) Gangsters

4. Most of the Hell's Angels who go on the annual trips just want ____________.
(a) To cause trouble
(b) To ride their bikes
(c) To bother the police
(d) To have fun

5. What was the name of the 1964 avant garde film made by Kenneth Anger?
(a) Twilight Promise
(b) Road Rider
(c) Scorpio Rising
(d) Cancer Rising

Short Answer Questions

1. The ___________ is obviously a sexual symbol, according to Thompson.

2. The Hell's Angel really do want to avoid arrest and ______________.

3. Police were often able to recognize Hell's Angels from published _____________.

4. Who is the local sheriff at the Bass Lake area who met the Hell's Angels when they arrived?

5. Thompson when reading the report created by Lynch decided that the conclusion is that the police ________________.

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