Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Part 1 Roll em, boys

* This is a flamboyant introduction to the text.

* The style of Thompson's journalism would later be called gonzo journalism.

Chapter 1

* The first motorcycle gangs appeared in the 1940s in Southern California.

* The gangs considered themselves to be the dregs of society.

* The Hell's Angels began in 1950 in San Bernadino, California.

Part 2 The Making of the Menace, 1965

* This part focuses on the origins of the Hell's Angels.

* This section also covers the public reaction to the Hell's Angels.

Chapter 2

* The Monterey rape allegations were dropped.

* Thomas Lynch still pursued the Hell's Angels.

* The membership of the Hell's Angels is never more than 200.

* There were many different views of the Hell's Angels.

Chapter 3

* The media turned the Hell's Angels into a group of big time criminals.

* The Hell's Angels become celebrities because of their reputation, even though it wasn't founded in any truth.

* Increased police attention...

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