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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the group's physical medium?

2. What does Florence tell the ghost when it tries to yank the blanket out of her hand?

3. Florence refuses to go into the chapel. What other room does she avoid?

4. Where is the figure in blue pajamas that Ben sees going when it exits the front door?

5. What are the first things Edith notices on her first approach to Hell House?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Hell House closed for thirty years, and how was it re-opened?

2. How does Lionel specifically describe the occurrences at Hell House?

3. What is the first paranormal sign seen? Who sees it? What does Barrett attribute it to?

4. In what condition was Ben found after his first experience at Hell House?

5. Why does Florence seem to be the center of the spirits' attentions?

6. Florence is determined to prove that Daniel exists, despite the negative reaction from the rest of the group. What does Florence do after the poltergeist activity at the dinner table to prove once and for all that Daniel did indeed exist?

7. What happens while Florence is in the cabinet?

8. How does Florence hear Belasco's voice, even though he has been dead for so long?

9. Florence leaves the first sitting frustrated and a bit afraid. What happens to her when she gets out of the shower?

10. How did the Belasco House come to be known as "Hell House"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The physicist, Lionel Barrett, is to be accompanied by a spiritualist and a medium. Why do you think he is disappointed with the selection? Whom would he rather have as associates in this situation? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Ben is eager to escape Hell House for a second time after the Reversor has supposedly cleansed the atmosphere. What makes Ben uncomfortable about leaving? Why do you think he feels this discomfort, or do you think it is impossible for him to simply accept that the house is clean? What do you think finally makes him turn around? Cite examples to support your explanation.

Essay Topic 3

Florence and Lionel clash over the dinner table regarding his condescending treatment of her, and they briefly argue. What happens afterward, and what is the significance of this event?

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