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Hell House

Two attempts to investigate this place resulted in disaster.

Bastard Bog

The surface of this resembles gelatin.

Great Hall

This place is two stories high and paneled in walnut.

The Chapel

There are pornographic murals on the walls of this location.

Caribou Falls

This is where Ben delivers Florence's body after her death.


This was created to eliminate lingering radiation and electrical emanations.

Wine cellar

This is where Daniel Belasco's body is discovered.


When pulled, this enables a heavy wall to slide to one side.


This is emitted by a machine to dissipate the aura or psychic manifestations of hauntings

Temple of Spiritual Harmony

This is where Florence Tanner works.

The Roaring Giant

This is another name given to Emeric Belasco.

Les Aphrodites

This was a club formed by Emeric Belasco.

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