Hell House Fun Activities

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Make a Machine

Create your own version of the Reversor. Try to make a 3-D model to share with the class.

Ghost Story

Write your own ghost story and share with the class.

Hell House

The description of Hell House is indeed scary. Using your creative talent, make a representation of Hell House. You may draw, paint, create a collage, make a 3-D model, or whatever manner of creation you wish.


Setting is a very important aspect of "Hell House." Make a list of ten adjectives, preferably ones not already mentioned in the book, that come to mind when you think of the setting of this book. Then explain what part of the setting inspired the use of that adjective and why.

Role Reversal

In the book, Lionel is the skeptic, true to his nature as a scientist, and Florence is the believer. Maintaining their professions, describe...

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