Hell House Character Descriptions

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Dr. Lionel Barrett

This character is a physicist who has an avid interest in parapsychology.

Rolf Rudolph Deutsch

This is a very wealthy, aged character who wants to know if life after death exists.

Reverend Florence Tanner

This character runs the Temple of Spiritual Harmony.

Benjamin Franklin Fischer

Already a renowned Spiritualist at fifteen, this character barely survived one visit to Hell House.

Edith Barrett

This character is a faithful, loving spouse who can't bear the thought of being away from his/her significant other.

Emeric Belasco

At the age of five, this character hanged a cat to see if it really had nine lives.


This character makes all of the arrangements for the group to stay in Hell House.

Daniel Belasco

This character is found still chained to a wall hidden in the wine cellar, having died there many years earlier.

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