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Part One: December 18, 1970: Chapters 1 - 3

• In Maine, there is a house that belongs to the Belasco family. It has been dubbed "Hell House" and is purported to have a life of its own.

• Hell House has been empty and boarded up for thirty years.

• Rolf Rudolph Deutsch has selected several experts in the realm of paranormal research to study the house for one week.

• In return for unlimited funds, Deutsch wants the answer to the question, "Is there life after death?" since he is close to death himself.

• Lionel Barrett, a renowned physicist, has been hired to head the party. With him will be a spiritualist and a medium.

• Barrett's stipulations are that his machine be built, he has access to a daily swim and steam bath, and that electricity and telephone service be installed.

• Deutsch agrees, but his son, William, vows to block their efforts.

• Lionel's wife...

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