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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leia seeks permission for a leave of absence for what reason, but is denied?
(a) Jedi training
(b) a vacation
(c) child birth
(d) a personal rescue mission to rescue a friend

2. What does Luke find in the cave on Dagobah?
(a) a metal cylinder
(b) a treasure chest
(c) a broken droid
(d) a dead body

3. In chapter 2, Luke has a dream about whom?
(a) Qui-gon
(b) Vader
(c) Obi-wan
(d) Yoda

4. Luke tells them that he found a canister on Dagobah and that it probably belongs to the Dark Jedi that fled to Dagobah from where?
(a) Bimmisaari
(b) Coruscant
(c) Myrkr
(d) Bpfassh

5. Thrawn discusses plans with Pallaeon to obtain what, for an attack on some shipyards?
(a) X-Wings
(b) mole miners
(c) Star Destroyers
(d) frigates

Short Answer Questions

1. Thrawn arrives at what place, and orders the commencement of the planned attacks?

2. Han gets down to business with Lando, explaining that they need to create a ruse to do what?

3. Thrawn and Pallaeon want to focus C'baoth's attention on whom, rather than Luke?

4. As Han and Leia are arriving on Nkllon, who else arrives?

5. What is Pallaeon's rank?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Thrawn uses Joruus' powers, in Chapter 9 and what the results are.

2. What was Pallaeon's role in the battle with the Rebellion and how might this influence his decisions about the New Republic and the Imperials as the book progresses, based on Chapter 1?

3. In Chapter 2, it is learned that the New Republic has set up its government on Coruscant, the planet that was the former home of the Empire. What sort of problems might that cause for the New Republic?

4. What is Joruus C'Baoth like?

5. Describe Luke, Han, Chewbacca and Leia's escape from Bimmisaari.

6. Explain the major disagreement between Han and Fey'lya, in Chapter 5. Who do you think is correct?

7. Based on Chapter 1, which do you think is likely to win, the clearly established, yet nearly extinct, Empire, or the supposedly good, but new and not fully organized New Republic, and why?

8. Suspicion is a major theme of Chapter 3. What are people in Chapter 3 suspicious of?

9. How does Joruus' message to Luke, in Chapter 13, affect Luke and what things should Luke realize, based on the message, that he does not?

10. How is Han and Leia's relationship affected by their roles in creating the new government?

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