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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As they run for cover, Han and Leia hear the familiar sounds of what flying overhead?
(a) blaster fire
(b) the Millenium Falcon
(c) Landspeeders
(d) TIE Fighters

2. Who tells Thrawn that they sent a message to Luke?
(a) Pallaeon
(b) Leia
(c) C'baoth
(d) Han

3. When they get back aboard the real Falcon, Han alerts whom to this latest threat?
(a) Mon Mothma
(b) Ackbar
(c) Karrde
(d) Fey'lya

4. Leia plans to check the Imperial archives for information on what?
(a) Bimm spies
(b) who the alien species that attacked them are
(c) who may have hired the aliens to attack them
(d) Bimmisaari relations with Imperial remnants

5. The smuggler contact agrees to do as Han asks because Han did what?
(a) punched him
(b) saved him from aliens
(c) paid him
(d) threatened him

Short Answer Questions

1. Leia misses her husband whom?

2. Han and Lando devise a plan to program Threepio with what?

3. Mon Mothma asks Leia if Luke has heard about the planned trip to where?

4. Han and Leia discover that they are surrounded by unusual looking gray creatures, wielding what sort of sticks?

5. What is Leia's last name?

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