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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the boy who approaches Heidi for a dance?
(a) Ben.
(b) Chris.
(c) John.
(d) Matt.

2. What location does Act 1, Scene 4 open in?
(a) Chicago Art Institute.
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) Harvard University.
(d) Times Square.

3. What event does Heidi mention that provides insight into her former character?
(a) Heidi's first trip to Europe.
(b) Heidi's high school dance.
(c) Heidi's first love affair.
(d) Heidi's birth.

4. What is wrong with Heidi and Scoop's relationship?
(a) Scoop travels.
(b) Scoop wants to move in together and Heidi is not ready.
(c) Heidi's life revolves around waiting for his phone calls.
(d) Heidi is very career oriented.

5. What decision does Susan announce at the women's group meeting in the church basement?
(a) Susan is getting married.
(b) Susan is going on a European trip.
(c) Susan has a boyfriend.
(d) Susan is taking a position at the Law Review.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Susan been doing with her life as mentioned in Act 1, Scene 5?

2. What is Heidi's class reviewing for?

3. What does Heidi teach?

4. What is Scoop's prediction?

5. Who arrives and begins to make fun of Heidi's and Debbie's protest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Susan and Denise have something in mind for a television show. What do they want to do and how do they want Heidi to become involved?

2. What are the societal expectations at the high school dance in the mid-1960's?

3. Susan gives Heidi very specific instructions on behavior at the dance. What instructions does Susan give Heidi?

4. By reading the Prologue, what facts do we learn about Heidi and the play in general?

5. What is the background of Lisa, Scoop's new wife?

6. What is Heidi's reaction to the "Hello New York" show while taping during Act 2, Scene 2? What does Heidi do?

7. When Fran invites Heidi to share, what does Heidi do?

8. What is the topic of conversation between Heidi and Scoop once Peter and Lisa head off to dance?

9. Heidi discloses information about herself when mentioning her high school dance. What is that piece of information?

10. In terms of relationships, what are differences between Lisa and Heidi?

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