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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following painters are specifically mentioned by Heidi in her class?
(a) Thomas Hart Benton.
(b) Sofonisba Anguissola.
(c) Picasso.
(d) Grandma Moses.

2. What does Scoop insist on calling Heidi at his wedding?
(a) Heidella.
(b) Sweetie.
(c) Lover.
(d) Heidelberg.

3. What would be an accurate description of Jill?
(a) 40-year-old suburban housewife.
(b) 50-something college professor.
(c) 20-something college student.
(d) 30-something lawyer.

4. What is wrong with Heidi and Scoop's relationship?
(a) Scoop travels.
(b) Heidi is very career oriented.
(c) Heidi's life revolves around waiting for his phone calls.
(d) Scoop wants to move in together and Heidi is not ready.

5. Who does Heidi meet at the dance?
(a) Gary.
(b) Peter.
(c) Deborah.
(d) Linda.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Prologue to Act I, how does Heidi, in retrospect, view herself at the high school dance?

2. What does Scoop do at the end of Act 1, Scene 5?

3. What does Heidi decide to do at the end of the party?

4. What is one characteristic that would describe Heidi?

5. What is Heidi attending when Act 1, Scene 5 opens?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Becky's story in Act 1, Scene 3?

2. Why do you think Heidi decides to leave with Scoop at the end of the evening in Act 1, Scene 2?

3. What news does Peter share with Heidi after she pushes him to find a girlfriend? Why is he frustrated?

4. Why is Heidi resentful of Peter?

5. Describe Susan's reason for being at the high school dance in 1965.

6. By reading the Prologue, what facts do we learn about Heidi and the play in general?

7. What is Heidi doing at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 2?

8. Heidi has one primary belief that seems to carry her throughout the play, including Act 1, Scene 3. What is this belief?

9. Susan gives Heidi very specific instructions on behavior at the dance. What instructions does Susan give Heidi?

10. Scoop Rosenbaum takes a sweeping view of Heidi's personality characteristics. Overall, what are Scoop's feelings towards Heidi? What does he admire?

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