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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Heidi decide to do at the end of the party?
(a) Go club-hopping.
(b) Go see Susan.
(c) Go home by herself.
(d) Leave with Scoop.

2. What is Scoop's prediction?
(a) That he will be president.
(b) That he will be an actor.
(c) He will remember that he thought he could fall in love with her.
(d) That Heidi will be a university dean.

3. Why is Heidi annoyed with Peter in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) He insists on insulting Scoop.
(b) He shows up unexpectedly.
(c) He is gay and not in love with her.
(d) He will not leave the protest.

4. What song is playing when Heidi and her new friend she meets at the high school dance actually dance?
(a) "When a Man Loves a Woman."
(b) "The Shoop Shoop Song."
(c) "Dancing in the Streets."
(d) "Satisfaction."

5. What does Heidi decide to do with the advice her friends gives her at the high school dance?
(a) Heidi decides to try it out.
(b) Heidi fights with her friend.
(c) Heidi ignores the advice.
(d) Heidi makes a scene.

6. What kind of cultural influences dominate the high school dance?
(a) To be aggressive.
(b) To attract and keep a boy.
(c) To be assertive.
(d) To be independent.

7. Why does Susan make the decision that she chooses to announce in the church basement?
(a) To change the system.
(b) Susan does not want to be lonely.
(c) To see the world.
(d) To meet new friends.

8. What demand does Peter make of Heidi in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) To move with him.
(b) To give up Scoop.
(c) To stop protesting.
(d) To give him equal time and consideration.

9. What does Scoop insist on calling Heidi at his wedding?
(a) Lover.
(b) Sweetie.
(c) Heidelberg.
(d) Heidella.

10. What is Peter's current occupation in Act 1, Scene 5?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Consultant.
(c) Pediatrician with a thriving practice.
(d) Author.

11. What is Lisa's occupation in Act 1, Scene 5?
(a) A model.
(b) A college professor.
(c) A children's book illustrator.
(d) A fashion designer.

12. What decision does Susan announce at the women's group meeting in the church basement?
(a) Susan is taking a position at the Law Review.
(b) Susan is going on a European trip.
(c) Susan is getting married.
(d) Susan has a boyfriend.

13. In Act I, Scene 2, what are Heidi's feelings toward women?
(a) She is attracted to women.
(b) She is jealous of women.
(c) She is feeling empowered by women.
(d) She is still at odds with women.

14. What is Heidi's friend's reason for attending the dance?
(a) To become popular.
(b) To meet a boy.
(c) To smoke.
(d) To have refreshments.

15. What relationship is Heidi to Peter, according to Scoop?
(a) Peter's sister.
(b) Peter's fiance.
(c) Peter's niece.
(d) Peter's sister-in-law.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Heidi's friend that goes to the dance with her?

2. What population is specifically NOT mentioned in any of Heidi's art history textbooks?

3. What year does Act 1, Scene 5 open in?

4. Who does Heidi meet at the dance?

5. What is one thing that Heidi does at the high school dance that might be considered unusual, considering where she was?

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