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Lesson 1 (from Prologue to Act 1)


Prologue to Act 1

This is the Prologue to Act 1. This lesson looks at what a prologue is and the significance of using a prologue in a play.


1. Research and discuss, in a written manner, the definition and history of a prologue.

2. Class discussion: Why do you think Wendy Wassertein chose to put a prologue into "The Heidi Chronicles?" Does it help the reader in any way? Would the play be the same without one?

3. Partner discussion: What tone is set through the prologue? Based upon what we see of Heidi in the prologue, do you think your feelings about her character will change or remain the same as the play progresses?


1. Written assignment: Do a character analysis of Heidi based upon what you read in the Prologue.

2. Research the term "prologue" and describe the origins of the word.

Lesson 2 (from Prologue to Act 1)


Prologue to Act 1


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