The Heidi Chronicles Character Descriptions

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Denise Friedlander

This character is a sibling to another character, and is hired as an assistant.

Lisa Friedlander

This character, who works as an illustrator, has an upbeat personality, despite living with a cheating spouse and two children.

Heidi Holland

This character is a major personality in the play and who's life is depicted throughout the years. This person is disenchanted with life and seeks fulfillment.

Huron Street Ann Arbor Women's Consciousness-raising Rap Group

This influential group lends emotional support to several of the characters in the play.

Susan Johnston

This character changes with the times and is able to rationalize every decision. This character eventually gives in to the greed that is commonly seen in others in the same profession.

Scoop Rosenbaum

This character is both friend and former lover of one of the major characters. This person has a very strong personality and needs to be...

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